Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Catch up- Winter Pics

 I'm going to use this first post to put up a few pictures I've taken from the past year or so that I really enjoy.

I may do another few posts like this just to get the blog up and going- let's see where this leads, eh?

A gorgeous quiet sunrise in the Winter.

The Winter view through a sun catcher.

A stormy evening over Cincinnati. 

Barefoot in the Spring rain.

Technology at dusk. Who says cities aren't beautiful?

Beautiful Old Louisville. It is actually this beautiful-worth the trip in the Spring and Fall.

And we end with another Kentucky sunrise.
I know they call Montana Big Sky Country, yet I think Kentucky comes a close second.


  1. I LOVE your photography! Lovely pictures you have posted here. I'm Following your blog so I'll see new posts as they go up.

    Keep up the good work!

    huggers~ ~ ~

  2. I love that first of the winter sunrise. The blur is so unreal and gorgeous, it almost makes the photo look like a picture of one of those small model sets. Unreal, gotta love it.